Solo Work

A sea monster made of garbage threatens guests vacations by eating them and forcing a sometimes funny, often painful reckoning with their repressed emotional trauma and how it’s affected their relationship to the earth. Through a darkly comedic but heartfelt narrative backed by original song, choreography and visuals, this show invites the audience to consider how healing our relationship to our emotional pain could topple the systems of injustice and help the planet thrive. By diving headfirst into the intersections of capitalism, patriarchy and the climate crisis, this inspirational show was highly praised by Broadway World, who called it ” an intelligent and creative look at a global problem that becomes more pressing every day – and it points us toward a solution. It needs to be seen.”

12 vignettes exploring the astrological archetypes from birth to nowness told through song, dance, film, projections & monologues.

A woman dies, again, and explores the challenges of gender through the lens of reincarnation in  a darkly comedic feminist piece.

The “AGE Unconscious Bias” performance project was created  to share a slice of the female-identified experience of unconscious bias within the artistic field of performance/the arts. After conducting roughly a dozen interviews with women in the arts of all ages, sexualities, bodies and identities, the performance project was written and crafted from their words and experiences. 

A devised short play created and performed alongside a group of 15 other female & non-binary folks who identify as lebsian/gay or queer. 

A woman gets interviewed by a local news station about her alleged alien abduction and shares the wisdom of galactic oneness.

  • “Dinner For One” Short Play, All Boats NYC (2018)

An experimental immersive play that takes place in a kitchen in a loft in Bushwick as a couple navigates the dreaded question: what do you want for dinner?

Featuring projections and a live cello player, this play explores themes of femininity & religious oppression under the expectations of “wives submission to their husbands”.